Thursday, September 2, 2010

Domo Arigato

Friday the 27th was one of Mom's off days and it was AWESOME! At around 10 we headed over to the park by our tennis courts. When we got to the park the swings were ocupado (really? you had to click on the link? I hope it was just out of curiosity...) so we took a few laps around the courts until the swings freed up.
These two boys in the background (the second one is in the shadows but you can see his green light saber) were the ones bogarting the swings when we first got there. I think it was pretty clear the little one had a crush on me. Please kid, if you only knew how full my dance card is.

Eventually those boys left so Mom and I migrated over to the jungle gym.
Where's Waldo Avery?
I love to climb and here's something actually designed for me to climb on. It's like the inventor had me... or maybe kids in general, in mind! Mom helped me climb all the way to the top of the gym and I loved it.
After we played at the summit for a while Mom took me down the slide on her lap... with her feet grinding against the side walls the whole way. It was thrilling?
I am really looking forward to going back... with Dad so I can go down the slide by myself. After the slide we decided to go back over to the swings but it was just as another little girl got there. Looking back it may have looked like we scurried over to the swings so the new girl couldn't play on them. I still feel kinda bad...

We got back to the house just in time to go to lunch with Dad. We headed over to Granite City where as a bonus we met up with Grandma & Grandpa Davenport. We hadn't been there 2 minutes when Mom decided I'd look "cute" wearing her sunglasses. Guess how I felt about it.
Our food was taking forever but in classic GmaD style, she kept me entertained the whole time.
Who says ID badges aren't toys?  Actually that kind of sounds like Dad.
Despite picking up the bill, GpaD also wanted to donate to my college fund or mini trampoline fund - you know, like if my piggy bank were to accidentally fall from it's perch and break, forcing me to spend the money frivolously.
After securing my future (whether it be book-learnin' or summer-saltin') I took a stab at the last of my corn dogs (Dad de-corned all the others, BOO!) - YUM!

Thanks for lunch GpaD!
After my nap Mom hooked me up with a PB&J. AWESOME! This pic may look like a repeat but it's actually different than this one from the 16th. Somehow I'm actually HAPPIER in this one.
After my snack I was helping Mom do the dishes when I glanced at Dad and saw the hamster spinning on the wheel in his head. He thought it would be fun to set up a sprinkler out back so I could play in it. So, I got dolled up in my swimsuit and indulged him.
Unfortunately the sprinkler was on a little strong in the beginning and the first time I walked up to it, I got sprayed right in the face... which did not go over well. Dad lowered the pressure but I was still a little suspect. Naturally, Dad took some video.

After the sprinkler debacle I got dressed again and we headed out to dinner. Of course, we hopped in the car and I had to listen to M&D NOT decide where to eat. Can one of you PLEASE make a decision? Ugh. I can not wait to expand my vocab if for no other reason than to decide where we eat.
I was pretty excited to see the waiter drop off french fries and associated dipping sauce. I CANNOT BELIEVE M&D let me go to town on the campfire sauce. It's delicious but may be better in smaller quantities.

After dinner we headed home and I got to do even more playing outside. THIS DAY WAS AWESOME!

Here's Blogger's "Blog of Note" for September 2nd. When I saw the title I was envisioning an actual farmer but I guess it's just some girl's name. I suppose I could have used context clues - seriously, what would a bridget farmer harvest anyway? She posts some of her drawings. Some are good, others are awful... or abstract; not sure if those are mutually exclusive. Her photos are pretty good though.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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