Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Raised on Promises

Here I felt I was getting close to catching up (kind of) and now I'm over two weeks behind again. Oh brother. Well let's carry on shall we? On Friday the third I went over to Grandma Herbert's and we had a BLAST! We went to the mall where the American Girl store was having some sort of "soft" opening before the grand opening which was actually on Saturday morning. We heard there were even girls that camped out to be the first ones in line. Whoa. The 'American Girl' to the right is named Molly and she's the one Mom has from when she was young(ish.) It's my understanding that Molly is in pristine condition and just waiting for a little girl to play with her (I'm the little girl in case you're wondering.) After my first experience with AG we headed over to Nordstrom to have lunch with Aunt Abby. Sweet!
Dad was trying to take a picture but I wanted to show him all the stuff I want from AG
I had a blast with GmaH and AA and thought for sure the fun was over when Mom & Dad came to get me but as it turned out, the fun was just beginning. The three of us went straight from G&G H's to Houston's on the Plaza.I love Houston's so I was pretty excited when we pulled up but I was even more excited to find out that we were meeting Aunt Patty, Uncle Stu and my new buddy Maddie.
I tried to be patient during dinner but after the spinach dip was gone, I lost interest. I held out as long as I could but eventually I let M&D know I was done with my high chair. They tried to corral me by passing me back and forth but I really just wanted to walk around so I kept squirming off their laps. Then I caught a glimpse of Maddie just sitting there quietly, presumably judging me. What's she trying to do, make me look bad? So that's how it's gonna be huh?

After dinner we took the familiar stroll down to Cold Stone Creamery - YUM! I didn't get my own ice cream but I got to share both Mom's & Dad's. And unless that's a milk shake in Maddie's bottle, she really missed out.
When Maddie found out that she was the only one not getting ice cream, she let her 'rents know that was NOT acceptable.
I had a lot of fun down on the plaza and can't wait to do it again!

Here's Blogger's "Blog of Note" for September 21st, 2010. It's a Mom that blogs about her kid because "Family is Funny." Hmm, if only there were a way to do that with a slightly original twist...

Also, Blogger's "Blog of Note" for Sept 20th? A 'daily' photo blog which has not had a post for over a year. I'm definitely convinced no one from Google actually chooses the BoN now. They should probably change the name to Random Blog No One from Blogger Has Ever Read. The RBNOFBHER. Hmm, blog of Note may be a better name after all but there ought to be an asterik asterick astrick astrick astrek astreck asterisk (ugh) stating 'note' does not mean noteworthy.

P.S. Sorry if you're one of the few peeps that saw this post before it was done. I accidentally hit the Publish button instead of the Preview button. Hey, it can happen to anyone. Also, blogging tends to be the last thing I do before I go to bed and sometimes I'm a bit blurry eyed.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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  1. I just want to say I was totally not judging. Sometimes I get squirmy and don't want to sit in one place too long either.


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