Monday, September 6, 2010

Leon Leonwood

Sunday 8/29 began EARLY with a wakeup call from Mom & Dad around 7:25. BOOO! I had some breakfast, got dressed and the three of us headed down to the car for what I assumed would be a trip to First Watch. I knew something was up though because when Dad opened the garage door Grandpa Herbert was there waiting for us. Sweet! As it turns out we were headed to Salina to celebrate Great Grandma Chapman's 94th birthday and GpaH was hitching a ride.

With GpaH in the front seat with Dad, that meant Mom was riding in back with me. Uh, awesome! I'm sure with the early morning and all, M&D figured I'd sleep most of the way to Salina but with Mom in the back with me I was too excited to sleep. I made it fine for the first ninety minutes but then I got a little fussy. Ugh, I wish my vocab included, "are we there yet." Fortunately Mom found an LL Bean catalog on the floor because... nope, I have no idea. Regardless, it cured what ailed me. I wasn't very pleased with the selection though so I shredded it. Let's be honest LL Bean is no Land's End.
A little later Mom also let me play with this plastic bag filled with the shredded LLB pages. Whoa, Christmas in August!

We made it to Salina in just under an eternity (estimate) and found the Endiron (that's right, one word) Estate Bed & Breakfast without incident. There we met up with Grandma Herbert, Great Grandma Chapman, Great Aunt Janyce, Aunt Abby, Uncle Scott, Great Uncle Tim, Great Uncle Greg, Great Aunt Sylvia & Great Uncle Darrel (uh oh, another GAS & GUD?)
We had a nice brunch with cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, fruit, bacon, sausage and European pancakes (they're what First Watch calls crepes.) What they didn't have was a high chair so I sat with M&D to eat. The funnest part was wiping my hands on Dad's white shirt. Sucker!

I had a blast exploring EEB&B.
That's a phone?  How does it fit in your pocket?
This old chest had key holes (words I can't say) that I enjoyed sticking my fingers in.
I offered to help GGC blow out her candles but M&D said they were hot.
GmaH managed to coral me for a few minutes so I could play with GGC
But I couldn't be tied down for long and was off again.
Before we headed out of town we stopped by the Bosselman truck stop for gas and for a diaper change... but that place was disturbing and I've blocked it out of my mind. Dad decided to listen to an audio book on the way home and I'm pretty sure I was asleep before we hit full speed. Apparently I have Audio Book Narcolepsy just like Aunt Darcy.

When we got home Dad took a nap while I played with Mom but there was definitely something missing... and it was my sisters so when Dad woke up, we headed over to Grandma & Grandpa Davenport's to pick them up. They were sad to see my sisters go but they seemed pretty happy to see me.
I was so busy trying to get as much playing in as possible that I didn't even take a break to accept $5 from GpaD for my trampoline college fund.
It sure was a busy weekend but I had a blast. And for those of you don't know, the post title is what the LL in LL Bean stands for. That's alright, go ahead and google it if you don't believe me.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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