Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Melancholy & The Infinite Bubble

It may not be popular to admit one's vices but I really enjoy an after work drink. In fact lately I've been skipping my usual salutations to Dad and my sisters and have been heading straight for the fridge. COME ON I NEED IT!
When Dad gets done working he usually comes into the kitchen to see what Mom and I are up to. As M&D break down their days they lean against the counter on opposite sides of the kitchen. Now that I'm a big girl, I like to join in. Here, I've taken the liberty to diagram it for you.
This was time well spent don't you think?
The only difference is that I start out about 3 feet from the cabinet and back in - al la this video.

After a few cups of milk we headed outside and I switched to a nice glass of ice water. Um... I'm not really sure what I was thinking in this shot. I assume I saw Mom or Dad Parker or Penny do this and I was just imitating.

The other day I 'found' this bunny in my room just chillin'. I've had Bunny for a while now but haven't been real interested until now. The carrot you see dangling used to get pulled back in while playing a little tune but that's not working any more. No worries, I like him just the way he is.
I enjoyed this guy so much that M&D let me take him into the car on the way to dinner. He's actually still in the car as I type this and every time I get in I get excited to see him. Though that dangling carrot does kind of get in the way of my seat belts so we'll see how long lived that is.

The aforementioned dinner took place at Salty Iguana with Aunt Darcy, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport. I was pretty excited to see chips and salsa on the table when we got there because I recently became a self reliant in this area.
Though as these pictures would confirm, I have the 'dip' portion down but the transition to my mouth seems to need a little work.

After saying our good-byes we headed home where I talked M&D into letting me play outside. Dad then got the idea to bring my lion outside to see if I'd push myself around. I wasn't feeling it though and decided to just push it around instead.

Mom had a Paper Mill Designs meeting on Thursday the 26th but before she had to leave, we did some playing outside with Dad.
Since Mom was gonna be gone for dinner, Dad had made plans for us to eat over at G&G D's. YEA!
While GpaD manned the grill I played with GmaD in the family room. She had a bunch of toys laid out so it was a total smorgisbord smorgishbord schmorgishbord smorgasbord.
For dinner I enjoyed some rice-a-roni (tip to you parents out there: when you have a hot dish like rice-a-roni or mac n cheese it's often beneficial to spread the food out so it cools down faster), corn and apple sauce. I passed on the pork chops though because even though I have one molar on the bottom, it doesn't do much good without a matching fella up top.

After dinner the four of us headed outside and GmaD brought along the Infinite Bubble maker. AHHHHH!
I made it pretty clear to GmaD that I would like an opportunity to try out the IBM and she was nice enough to oblige.
I was pretty liberal on the trigger of the IBM but why shouldn't I be, the bubbles are infinite.... but the bubble solution apparently is not.
Dad thought he'd try to "help" me but doing so meant taking the IBM from me which was NOT well received.
After my meltdown Dad moved us back into the family room where I had plenty of other toys to keep me busy.
Thanks for dinner G&G D!

Wrap up:
Here's Blogger's "Blog of Note" for September 1st. Hmm. Kind of wish I hadn't looked at this one right before bed because they're kind of scary. This blog features "Art Dolls" and like a lot of art, it's an acquired taste.

Once again the post title is a link to what inspired it so if you're don't know, now you'll know.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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