Sunday, September 5, 2010

Notice To Blogger

After my busy day on Friday I was curious to see what was in store with Mom & Dad on Saturday. As soon as I woke up (about 9:45) Mom called Grandpa Herbert. Grandma Herbert was in Beloit visiting her fam so we asked GpaH if he'd have breakfast with us at First Watch Shoppes at Corporate Woods.
M&D ordered me two poached eggs which the waitress thought was pretty funny. Apparently most kids don't each poached eggs but I'm genetically predisposed to them and it suits me just fine. And see that dish full of eggs - I ate 'em ALL! Then I had some of Mom's eggs and some of Dad's breakfast potatoes (and getting Dad to surrender potatoes is quite an accomplishment!)
After breakfast we ran back to the house (if you know my 'rents you know I don't mean that literally) to get Mom's car so we could drop it by NTB for a new battery. While Mom was in talkin' business with the grease monkeys something outside caught my eye.
And unlike here or here, we weren't even at Red Robin - (YUM!)
Is it just me or is this some genius marketing. I mean, "hey, what's up with those balloons? Maybe I need tire or battery work done." I know the next time I need car (a word I can say) work done, I'm headed to NTB. Genius.

After a solid 20 minutes of balloon watching, we headed over to Town Center Plaza to enjoy the weather and do some window shopping. We started at the South-West corner at a little boutique shop. Mom charged right in but since Dad was manning the stroller, I barely made it in the door. NEXT! We headed East and spotted what I was sure would be our next stop but somehow we marched right past Cold Stone Creamery (what?!?!) That's okay because a few shops later we found TOYS "R" (imagine that's backwards) US! Sweet! That's right Grandparents, there's a TRU at Town Center now! CHA CHING! We talked to a guy there and he said they'd be there through Christmas (double cha ching) and if they meet their sales goal, they'll be a full time store. Um, awesome! I saw several items I'm pretty sure I can't live without. Is it too soon to start a Christmas List? I say "noooo." I was confident I was gonna walk be pushed out of there empty handed but I did score some new bath toys (at time of publishing, still in Dad's trunk) seen in the picture above.

TRU has positioned it's temporary locale right next door to Pottery Barn Kids which I feel is pretty smart. Segue to our next destination: PBK. We may have walked through a wormhole as we entered the store because when we came upon the kids bedding, Dad became entranced.
Seriously, Mom and I made it all the way to the back of the store before Dad finally caught up. I'm pretty sure I found what I'M getting Dad for Xmas!

The next stop was at William-Sonoma (sub-par kid's section) then on to Macy's where M&D picked up a vegetable steamer. Ha! Wait, what? My sources are telling me that's not a joke. Hmm, curious. From Macy's we kept heading East until we hit Gap Kids. Mom found the skirt I was wearing (go ahead and scroll up to check it out) at Gap Kids so they definitely have some cute stuff but this particular trip was a bust. Also, I found this display for 'Mini Skinny' jeans for toddlers. Seriously?
In my experience most people that wear 'skinny' jeans should NOT be wearing them. Seriously, who do you think you're fooling? Also these sound pretty uncomfortable. I can get on board with the adjustable waist (that's in my genes, pun intended - HA!) but skinny through the leg just sounds binding. I'm wearing a diaper here people; what I need is room to breath or at least stretch and the last I checked, these aren't jeggings.

After Gap Kids we headed back West and somehow walked right past Cold Stone again. Where's the fable? That's okay, I was pretty tired and ready for a nap. When we got home Mom took me straight up to bed but I must have missed my window because I ended up just playing in my bed for over ninety minutes. Eventually I got hungry though and let M&D know I was ready to come down stairs for a snack. Seriously, when was the last time I didn't take a nap? If only there were some sort of semi-daily recap of my life....

After my snack I did some playing on my car. There's a very similar car over at Miss Anne's and I've watched Logan bomb around on it long enough that I've actually figured out to push myself. I did have a bit of a problem with the 'foot pedals' hitting my feet though and considered dropping it by NTB.
Instead, Mom took a page out of my "vo-tech" book and streamlined my car a bit. Without those pedals I can hit 0-60 in five seconds flat.

Pushing myself around on that car really built my appetite. For dinner I had a whole nectarine (the peach's less fuzzy cousin - yum) and a whole bunch of grapes. Literally, I ate this whole bunch.Needless to say I slept great Saturday night. Busy day + no nap + full tummy = great sleep.

I went to blogger to check out the "Blog of Note" but apparently those slackers don't work weekends. Ugh, no wonder their stock is under $500 ($475 at time of post.)

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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