Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On Par with Google

Thursday (9/2) after school Dad and I decided to join Mom on a trip to the Post Office. YEA! It was a special treat too because it was the one off 61st & Metcalf which, as all procrastinators know is open late. So essentially it's where the city's slackers converge which means long, inefficient lines. This left Dad and I with a fair amount of time to kill so we did some playing which of course he recorded with his phone. Here are a couple ~20 second videos including one in which I premiere my evil bunny face.

The only real upside to our trip was that we had to drive by Jimmy John's on the way home. Of course, while we did have to drive by it, we did not have to stop and order dinner but we did anyway. I just had some deli chicken (that we already had at home) but Mom did share some the sprouts from her sandwich with me. They don't taste like much but they're pretty fun to play with.
They also offered me some chips but I let them know I'd rather have apple sauce.

During dinner Mom said we should go on a walk (probably brought on by JJ remorse.) I wasn't feeling guilty about my dinner but I was still stoked for that walk and got changed for it right away.
While M&D were getting ready for our walk I stopped to watch some tennis. Sharapova was playing her second round match against someone I've never heard of and winning handily .

Mom wasn't feeling well (hope it wasn't the sprouts) so she had to bail on our walk but Dad and I carried on.
We took our normal route which according to Google Maps is 1.3 miles and should take 25 minutes on foot.
The picture of me in the stroller above was taken at the beginning of our walk and this picture was taken at the end of our walk. The camera captures a time stamp with every pic and the first pic was taken at 7:28 and the second at 7:53 - exactly 25 minutes. Crazy right? I just assumed we were walking at half speed but I guess not. Maybe walking just feels slower than normal in this JOGGING stroller (hint, hint.)
In between these two pics we actually went on a walk and anytime Dad thinks I may be asleep, he flips me back to check on me. And if it isn't clear, I really enjoy it!

After our walk we watched Novak Djokovic beat some character named Petzschner.
The match was pretty "blah" but there was one incredibly entertaining piece, you know, in a sad kind of way. These are ND's parents and yes, he's wearing a t-shirt with his son's picture on it and also an eagle - because why not. His Dad wore this for several other matches as well and I even saw his Mom wearing a DIFFERENT one with ND's picture on it. Yikes!
Quiz: Am I showing my distaste for that shirt or is this an evil bunny encore.
Can't it be both?

I lost interest in the ND match and started making rounds with my actual toys before eventually heading up to bed.

Here's Blogger's "Blog of Note" for September 14th, 2010. This is a "Photography Blog" and there some okay pics. Then I checked out the BoN for the 13th to see what I missed. It's called Playing Games Older Than Me. It's written (pretty well) by an 18 yr old who's playing video games that came out before he was born. You can even vote on which one he'll play next. I think Dad would like this one! My only point of contention? He's been blogging since September 3rd TWO THOUSAND TEN! He's done like ten posts and he's a BoN already? Where's the fable?

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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