Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Open Opens

I had a feeling I was in for a good week when on Monday the 30th Dad dressed me in my green Adidas tennis dress. Mom & Dad have a pretty strict "no TV for me" policy but make acceptions (really? acceptions? I'm the worst!) exceptions for sports and especially for tennis which they practically encourage me to watch. More and more I get the feeling that M&D don't view it as raising a child but managing a retirement account. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be a professional tennis player but I'm not sure why M&D think it would impact them in a positive manner.
Monday was the kick-off of the 2010 US Open and after school we watched 18 yr old American Melanie Oudin win her first round match rather handily. MO may just be the future of women's tennis in the US so for all I know, I was watching my future idol. Sweet.

But even with tennis on TV I didn't spend too much time watching it. I've got too many things on my plate to just sit in front of the tube... uh LCD?
Really, how could I be expected to watch TV when this travel pack of diaper wipes is calling my name from the kitchen desk Fort.

Mom has been working with me on "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes (Knees & Toes)." I have Head nailed down pretty well. I do my own version of Shoulders but I'm so awesome at Toes that I tend to just skip right over Knees. I prefer "Head, Shoulders - TOES!"

As you've probably noticed I've been spending a lot of time playing on my car since Dad took the safety ring off. I understand that I need to step over the seat to get on but sometimes I start with the wrong foot and end up facing backwards. Not ideal. So I spent some time on Monday practicing how to best get on and off.

As the night wound down I did some chillin' with my sisters and Cookie Monster Sr. and maybe even caught a few minutes of "Primetime at the Open" on ESPN2. I love Wimbledon, like the Australian Open and tolerate the French Open but the US Open is the bee's knees. Also, the coverage starts and ends at way better times. It doesn't do me any good for coverage of Wimbledon to start four hours before I wake up. And sure, they re-air the matches at night but they also show the winners on the bottom line so it's a bit anti-climatic. We don't have to put up with any of that for the US Open and that's pretty kosher. Also, let's be realistic, unless I end up playing in those other majors I probably won't see 'em live but the US Open is just a short plain plane (thanks to a responsible reader) & train ride away. I even already have a giant tennis ball for autographs... hmm... anyone know what the Orbitz web address is?
I can't wait to watch nine more minutes of tennis tomorrow!

Here's Blogger's "Blog of Note" for September 7th. Didn't read too much of this one but I did like the background. It's a lady named Esmee (yikes) who writes about what "inspires" her. Her two most recent posts are book reviews for Dewey the Library Cat and The Cat who Lived High. So... if those books sound good, you may want to see what Esmee Lynne has to say about them.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

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  1. I love your clothes. One day you're going to have to let me in on where you shop so I can tell my mom and dad!


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