Friday, September 10, 2010

Preschool Please!

September 1st marked my 17 month birthday and we celebrated with cake cupcakes ice cream presents a trip to Hen House. Really? Really. I ought to end this post out of spite but since I've already uploaded the pictures, I may as well share 'em with you.

When I woke up on Wednesday morning it was more that ten degrees cooler than the same time the day before (shout out to Wunderground.) I assume Aunt Darcy had this exact day in mind when she got me this outfit. It's a sweat suit so it kept me warm in the morning but it has short sleeves and capris (yes, those are capris) for when the day gets warmer. Sweet.
When I got home I went straight to the fridge for some Gatorade but Mom gave me milk instead. Hello, milk doesn't complement my outfit. Ugh! That early setback didn't stop me from enjoying the evening though. I found Penny's octopus and thought she might like to play with it. I was trying to share but I think Penny was a little hesitant to take it from me since she and Parker have been encouraged by Mom & Dad not to take things from me.
Since Penny decided not to play with the octopus, I thought I would. I thoroughly enjoy putting items in and taking items out of almost any container. Toy chest, the trunk of my Disney car, credenza fort, laundry hampers and certainly my Cat in the Hat bag.

As soon as Dad turned on the Open I saw that my future idol Melanie Oudin was playing her second round match against the 29th seed, Alona Bondarenko. Despite MO's nice run in last year's Open she wasn't among the top 30 seeds but I gave her a good chance to win this second round match. Dad thought she was done for but I disagreed.
Oh no you di'n't (I had to look up how to MIS spell that one)
But, I can't remember the last time Dad was wrong about anything and this was no different. MO lost 2-6, 5-7 - BOO!

MO being knocked out of the Open was no laughing matter but listening to Pad-a-Cake bear try to sing while she's low on batteries definitely was!
Even when PaCB is feeling a little lethargic, she's a welcome guest in any of my Forts. The same goes for This Little Piggy who is still staying strong "all the way home."

After some Forting (you didn't just have to re-read that did you?) I asked M&D if we could do some playing outside.
I'm not sure what had me looking so introspective here. Perhaps it was the this article in Newsweek that states "preschooling does more for a child’s chances in school and life than any other educational intervention" or maybe I just forgot where I left my milk. Hard to say.

These are the shoes that Grandma & Grandpa Davenport got me during their trip to Florida. They're really cute and comfy but the soles aren't rubber, they're CLOTH. Hmm. Somehow I think I'm going to outgrow them before I wear out-wear them but it's gonna be a close race. Also, stepping on acorns in cloth soled shoes isn't great.

I did some more playing inside after dinner. Where Dad's chair meets the love seat, there's a little cubby hole that I like to explore on occasion. Dad doesn't like me down there because my exploring usually includes shaking the little table he keeps his drinks on. Stay on your toes old man! That night I decided to give Dad a break and just play some peek-a-boo.

I was having a lot of fun playing with my sisters but M&D thought we should head over to Hen House to pick up a few necessities. You know, like milk, fruit and veggies.
Hmm, let's see what M&D found necessary. Computer, zoom in and enhance.
Ahhhh, yes, bulk caffeine and frozen pizza. Classic M&D!

Here's Blogger's "Blog of Note" for September 10th. I think this is my favorite one since I've started sharing these. Of course it's full of smart aleck cartoons so what else would you expect?

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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