Sunday, October 31, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Grandma Herbert left for California and Mom had to work so there was no one to take care of me on Friday the 15th. No worries, Dad took one for the team and took the day off. We had a nice liesurely liesurly leisurely morning which, of course, included a trip to target... after which we walked to Bed, Bath & Beyond... then walked over to First Watch Olathe Station...
for brunch with Aunt Darcy, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport! I was pretty excited because Dad told me about Target but lunch was a surprise.
And as is customary of late, I stayed entertained with the help of GmaD, two creams and two sugars. I also tricked GmaD into playing trumpet with the silverware band - it's gets me every time.
After lunch, Dad and I headed home where I promptly took a nap. I mean, I'd been up for like three and half hours; I'm only human you know.

After my nap and some playing, M&D dropped my sisters and me off at at G&G D's because they were heading off to celebrate their anniversary.
Before dinner, G&G D said I had to earn my keep so I swept the deck. I never should have shown them I know how to clean. Also, I thought it was a little odd that my sisters didn't have to do any chores. NO FAIR!

After dinner and an outfit change (see gravy on my sleeve above) we headed to the Olathe East Football game. IT WAS AWESOME! We got a front row seat so I could do some walking around and the cheerleaders were right in front of us. Cheerleading looks totally fun and I'm sure Dad will be totally fine with it, don't you!
The good guys won 28-24.  Blue Valley Football -- that's hilarious!
After the game we headed back to G&G D's for some playing before bed. I love getting to play with my "vacation" toys!
Cousin Riley was over at G&G D's too so I got to play with her a little also. Is it just me or does she look less than thrilled. What? I was only gonna hug her... probably.
I want to say thanks to G&G D for letting my sisters and me spend the night and to AD for helping out (and taking pictures of course!) I love you guys!

Editors Note: G&G D did NOT make me sweep the deck, duh! But they did wait until after I played with that broom to tell me it's the "tool" GpaD uses to knock down spider webs. And as you may have guessed, I have inherited my fathers spiderphobia (yes, I know that's not the actual word but it's way more intuitive). I'm gettin' the boo-boo-geebies just thinkin' about spiders. AHHHH!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pants Down Spankin'

The 14th was Kansas State's second straight Thursday night game but things went a little better the second time around. I mean, Nebraska trounced KSU in Manhattan the week before but over the last three games, KU has been outscored 159-24. And how does that make me feel?

Even more exciting than the thrashing the Jayhawks were getting was the visit we got from Grandma Herbert! YEA! GmaH was heading to California the next day to meet my new cousin and her new Grandchild, Grayson. She was gonna be there two weeks so I'm sure she wanted to get a little extra time with me... and she may have come to pick up some cards Mom made her.
When I see my grandparents I get really excited. I mean, I love 'em and all but it's mostly to make my parents jealous. And as icing on this particular cake, I have GmaH a nice long good-bye hug... and I'm sure it drove M&D crazy.
Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Five Five Five Five Five!

On the 13th, Mom, Dad and I met Aunt Abby and Uncle Scott over at Grandma & Grandpa Herbert's to celebrate M&D's 5th year wedding anniversary. GpaH made the salad, GmaH made the potatoes, US cooked the steaks and M&D and I did nothing but eat. Classic us!
Before dinner, GmaH gave me a t-shirt she had gotten for me after seeing how much fun I had baking cookies with Mom in Beloit. Computer, zoom in and enhance:
And ironically we had GmaH's pie for dessert. YUM!

Unfortunately the camera battery died after the picture above. No worries, Dad grabbed the backup camera that stays in the diaper bag... which also had a dead battery. Classic. Dad's phone had a little power left though so he was able to take a few awful pictures with it. In one, the blurry item is a miniature book I found and in the other the blurry items is me. Enjoy!
After dinner but before the pie, Mom and I played a little piano. See if you can guess what he used for the video camera.
Dinner was delicious, the pie was even more delicious and fortunately the pie I got on Dad's shirt didn't stain it. Win, win, win!

Did you know the traditional 5th anniversary gift is wood? Whoa, there's some incentive eh? Hang in there M&D, the 6th year gift is candy. Sounds like Mom's dentist will be able to afford a new car!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Monday, October 25, 2010

This is Sparta!

If you're like me (ten fingers, ten toes, spends too much time blogging) then you've probably been watching my post count closely as of late. And the moment you've been waiting for is here: THREE HUNDRED POSTS!!! Computer: Cue the balloon drop! Oh, I'm being told we don't have a balloon drop but that would have been pretty sweet, eh?

The math above refers to the 157 posts from last year plus the 143 so far this year. It's been a fun run. For my 100th post, I did a "clip show" and went back through the first 99 and picked my favorite piece from each. My 200th post was written about my 365th day of life; my first birthday. The former was a pretty huge task which isn't at all practical here and the latter would be difficult to match given the unique overlap of events. So, I guess I'll celebrate 300 like I've "celebrated" the last 50, with a post about something that's two weeks old. ENJOY!

Despite being Columbus Day, Mom and Dad both had to work on the 11th. Where's the fable? It must have been a pretty average day because I don't have even one picture from it. Given the averages, that's actually pretty crazy. So onto the 12th. Mom had book club down on the plaza and despite my buddy Maddie getting the nod, I wasn't invited. Whatever, Dad and I had our own plans and they didn't even involve the long drive down to the Plaza.
DINNER WITH AUNT DARCY, GRANDMA & GRANDPA DAVENPORT! We hit up Cheddar's around 5:30 which allowed us to avoid the oft ridiculously long waits. As I mentioned in my last post, I've been struggling lately to stay entertained through an entire meal but use everything at my disposal to try. Like First Watch, Cheddar's also uses paper bands to wrap silverware - JACKPOT! After noshing on some crackers, GmaD and I did some playing.
Is there a special name for these things like ferrule or aglet or tittle? Let me know!
GmaD likes to pretend the silverware band is some sort of horn or mega-phone. I find the songs and noises she makes very entertaining but what really tickles me is the overall act of her putting this paper tube to her mouth and trumpeting. Very entertaining.
Of course, I'd feel guilty if she were the only one at the table looking silly, especially on my account so I try to reciprocate... but I'm not quite getting it. GmaD, maybe you better do it again!

After dinner I got to sit on GmaD's lap as we waited for the bill. While I was there I tried some of her lemon water - ugh! I wish Dad had captured a good picture of my 'lemon-face' because it did a good job surmising my feelings. I also tried with limited success to use the straw to deliver some water into GmaD's mouth. I'll have to keep working on that though.
What I was successful at was cleaning up some of the mess I made. I must have learned how to clean at one of my grandparents' houses because I'm confident I've never seen M&D do this.

Since we didn't have to wait for a table, I missed out on visiting with the fish in Cheddar's giant aquarium prior to dinner so we made a stop on our way out.
While we were milling around outside, GpaD decided to make a contribution to my Kid's Learning Tower college fund. I'll tell ya, it's getting harder and harder for me to hand that money over to Dad!

I'm beginning to smile on cue now and this is one of 'em. Not bad eh? Of course, it's always easier to smile when you're legitimately happy and I certainly was that.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Take Two

On the morning of the 10th, Mom, Dad and I met Aunt Darcy and Grandma Davenport for breakfast at First Watch Shoppes at Corporate Woods. These days I really enjoy doing stuff - nay, I HAVE to be doing stuff pretty much all the time. That can make meals a bit challenging especially since the baby toys that used to keep me entertained, no longer cut it. Also, M&D no longer bring those toys so it's kind of a moot point. Anyway, when we eat out I kind of have to use whatever I can to keep myself entertained. At FW that means a straw, straw wrapper, coffee creamer and those little bands they use to wrap the silverware. LET THE FUN BEGIN!

Of course, eventually I get tired of that stuff but that's okay when GmaD is around because she's pretty willing to keep me entertained.
When the food comes though, GmaD is off the hook... at least for a little while. M&D have started letting me use an actual fork which I LOVE.

Since my vocab is expanding so much lately, AD has been working with me to say "Darcy." I get pretty close and after AD gave me some extra incentive, I did my best work to-date... and was so incentivized.
What's funny is that after we spent the whole breakfast trying to get me to say "Darcy" we found out that was also the name of the lady sitting right behind me. Crazy huh?

Thanks for breakfast AD!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Friday, October 8th was another one of Mom's special days off but this Friday was even more special than usual! Bright and early in the morning (many many hours before Dad and Parker and Penny woke up) Grandma Herbert came to pick Mom and me up at the house. It turns out we were headed to Beloit to visit Great Grandma Chapman, Great Aunt Janyce and Great Uncle Tim! The drive to Beloit was pretty uneventful--I know because I stayed awake THE WHOLE TIME. I also found that sitting in my car seat for 4+ hours is pretty lame, so I made sure to let Mom and GmaH know. Anyway, when we got to town I was pretty excited to see everyone!

One thing Mom has told me about visiting GGC when she was little is about all of the baking and cooking fun she had with GGC in the kitchen. Baking sounds fun (not that I would know since it never happens at our house) so I was excited to get started!

Mom, GAJ and I decided to make some oatmeal butterscotch cookies (you may know them as scotchies). I helped a little bit with measuring and mixing, but my main job was tasting. Boy, this cookie dough stuff is delicious! I think people would just buy and eat that-forget about the baking. This is probably a million dollar idea! Speaking of million dollar ideas, during the car ride I saw a car on the highway with a broken tail light but it was covered with red tape so it still functioned. Man oh man, I wish I could have invented that red tape. The wheel? Printing Press? Sliced bread? Electric light? Combustion Engine? Velcro? iPod? Nah, you can keep all those. Red tape is where it's really at!
While we were baking and waiting to do more taste-testing, I went to check up on my celebrity gossip by reading GAJ's People magazines.
Did you know Jennifer Grey of Dirty Dancing fame is the daughter of Joel Grey (alterna Sloan/evil Sloan from Alias and The Wizard from the awesome broadway musical Wicked)? Now, I haven't seen Alias or Wicked but Mom assured me they are all very cool. She also told me I could see the Dirty Dancing movie... once I've graduated high school.

Anyway, we had a great trip to Beloit and so much fun visiting everyone! Next time I hope to learn more about the famous Chapman cinnamon rolls!

P.S. You may have noticed that I wasn't smiling in that last picture but let's take a closer look as to why. Computer, Zoom in and enhance: Ah, yes, it's because I was caught red handed trying to play with a calculator I found on the shelf behind GmaH. I'm surprised you can't see a little 'Dad Angel (or devil)' on my shoulder saying, "that's not a toy!" Ha Dad, you're 200 miles away so I can't hear you.....

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blow It Up

Kansas State played at home against Nebraska (ugh, I just threw up in my mouth a little) on the seventh and it was being aired on ESPN which meant a nice national audience. Dad and I did a little pre-game relaxing outside so we'd be in the right mind set when the game started.

Grandma and Grandpa Herbert showed up just before the pre-game show started and they brought me a 'my size' pumpkin. Cute huh? Pumpkin is NOT a word I can say so I go ahead and call 'em apples. What are we splittin' hairs here?

KSU got the ball first and drove right down to Nebraska's 25 yard line where the drive stalled. Instead of kicking the field goal, we went for it... and came up short. NU scored on the ensuing drive and the quarter ended with us down seven. We got a field goal on our third possession making it 3-7. Then NU got a touch down... then a field goal and the half ended with KSU down 3-17. Okay, not terrible, they could come back.
I enjoyed half time with my favorite book, Dogs. M&D always try to make me read it page by page but I always try to skip to page 9 - Nine dogs on a moonlit night. I like it so much because M&D always read it like they're one of the nine dogs. AAA-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It's pretty entertaining.

NU scored 14 straight points to begin the second half - not good - but then we bounced back with another field goal - GO STATE! To celebrate, Dad and I did a fist bump - my newest trick. 31-6 with about 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter... then NU threw an 80 yard touchdown pass; 38-6 at the end of the 3rd.

NU scored again, 45-6 but then KSU got a touchdown - FIST BUMP! 45-13. NU got another field goal before the game ended 48-13. A five touchdown loss. Yikes, can you imagine anything worse?

While KSU was getting it handed to 'em, I was multi-tasking. My bus is feeling a little under the weather so I was trying to figure out where the batteries go. Click the play button above to get a feel for how awful it is. I mean, I still play with it, I just think it annoys M&D a little more now.

Despite the schalacking shalacking chalacking (looked it up) shellacking I was still in a pretty good mood... until Dad noticed that my forehead scab had peeled half off. I noticed it too, in fact I could look up and see the detached half. Dad decided to take it upon himself, albeit with Mom's blessing, to finish the job.
Unfortunately for my face, not all of the scab was ready to come off. My ol' man needs to realize that despite the initials MD, he's no doctor!


Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,