Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Arrow Marks the Spot

After my bath on the night of the 5th, Mom put me in one of my Kansas State t-shirts to sleep in. It's like a 3T so it's still pretty big which makes it the PERFECT night shirt. If there's one thing this family knows, it's pajamas and these jammies rock! After breakfast on the 6th, Dad said we had to go get changed but I was already psyched for the week's K-State game so I decided to 'hide' in kitchen desk fort instead.

Eventually I decided to go ahead and change but NOT because Dad wanted me to. I was just ready to go over to Miss Anne's, that's all. After Miss Anne's, a cup of milk and a few Gold Fish crackers I talked M&D into taking me to the park while we could still enjoy the daylight and especially the 70 degree weather. Here's a little map so you can follow along. (remember, you can click on any picture to see the full size version in a new window.)
We started at what I consider to be the intermediary jungle gym at the school. There's one that has a six foot fence around it which I assume is for the littlest kids at the school.
The JG we started at is pretty similar to the pair of JGs by the big kid swings but I think the biggest difference is the bouncing bridge they have vs the nice, stable, sturdy bridge this one has... but all of the holes still freak me out a little.
After JG #1 we headed over to the swings but these were the big kid swings -- i.e., no bucket seat. This was a lot of fun but it was also kind of stressful for all of us. I mean, I was holding on for dear life, Mom was hovering because she didn't want to be the one to let me fall and Dad didn't want to miss the pic of me falling so he could hold it over Mom's head. Yeah, too much going on so we headed down to the little kid swing. Hey, I may not like the moniker but it's a lot more fun when we can all relax a little.

After a fun run on LKS, we played on the adjacent little JG. Believe it or not, Mom actually climbed UP the slide shown. She did this knowing that I enjoy emulating everything I see.
I'm pretty sure I could have made it eventually but Dad decided at least one of us should be responsible and sent me up the stairs on the back side.
Once I was up there, M&D tried to coax me to go down the slide by myself but I wasn't interested. I wasn't scared, you know, I just didn't want to... because... my shorts were to too short. Yeah, that's why.
As the sun started to go down we began the walk back home for dinner...
Where I enjoyed a delicious apple left over from Ciderfest.

Hey, did you know that the term jungle gym is derived from the 1920 trademarked Junglegym (one word.) You would have if you followed the link under the map! Oh, you're SO BUSTED!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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