Monday, October 25, 2010

This is Sparta!

If you're like me (ten fingers, ten toes, spends too much time blogging) then you've probably been watching my post count closely as of late. And the moment you've been waiting for is here: THREE HUNDRED POSTS!!! Computer: Cue the balloon drop! Oh, I'm being told we don't have a balloon drop but that would have been pretty sweet, eh?

The math above refers to the 157 posts from last year plus the 143 so far this year. It's been a fun run. For my 100th post, I did a "clip show" and went back through the first 99 and picked my favorite piece from each. My 200th post was written about my 365th day of life; my first birthday. The former was a pretty huge task which isn't at all practical here and the latter would be difficult to match given the unique overlap of events. So, I guess I'll celebrate 300 like I've "celebrated" the last 50, with a post about something that's two weeks old. ENJOY!

Despite being Columbus Day, Mom and Dad both had to work on the 11th. Where's the fable? It must have been a pretty average day because I don't have even one picture from it. Given the averages, that's actually pretty crazy. So onto the 12th. Mom had book club down on the plaza and despite my buddy Maddie getting the nod, I wasn't invited. Whatever, Dad and I had our own plans and they didn't even involve the long drive down to the Plaza.
DINNER WITH AUNT DARCY, GRANDMA & GRANDPA DAVENPORT! We hit up Cheddar's around 5:30 which allowed us to avoid the oft ridiculously long waits. As I mentioned in my last post, I've been struggling lately to stay entertained through an entire meal but use everything at my disposal to try. Like First Watch, Cheddar's also uses paper bands to wrap silverware - JACKPOT! After noshing on some crackers, GmaD and I did some playing.
Is there a special name for these things like ferrule or aglet or tittle? Let me know!
GmaD likes to pretend the silverware band is some sort of horn or mega-phone. I find the songs and noises she makes very entertaining but what really tickles me is the overall act of her putting this paper tube to her mouth and trumpeting. Very entertaining.
Of course, I'd feel guilty if she were the only one at the table looking silly, especially on my account so I try to reciprocate... but I'm not quite getting it. GmaD, maybe you better do it again!

After dinner I got to sit on GmaD's lap as we waited for the bill. While I was there I tried some of her lemon water - ugh! I wish Dad had captured a good picture of my 'lemon-face' because it did a good job surmising my feelings. I also tried with limited success to use the straw to deliver some water into GmaD's mouth. I'll have to keep working on that though.
What I was successful at was cleaning up some of the mess I made. I must have learned how to clean at one of my grandparents' houses because I'm confident I've never seen M&D do this.

Since we didn't have to wait for a table, I missed out on visiting with the fish in Cheddar's giant aquarium prior to dinner so we made a stop on our way out.
While we were milling around outside, GpaD decided to make a contribution to my Kid's Learning Tower college fund. I'll tell ya, it's getting harder and harder for me to hand that money over to Dad!

I'm beginning to smile on cue now and this is one of 'em. Not bad eh? Of course, it's always easier to smile when you're legitimately happy and I certainly was that.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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