Monday, November 15, 2010

The Sharing of Joy

Tuesday, November 2nd started off with breakfast like every other day. I feel like Dad kinda mailed this breakfast in though. I mean, can I at least get some milk with this cereal?
I'm only kidding of course. Parker didn't eat her breakfast and while Dad headed upstairs to get me ready, I decided to get a closer look. I think when Dad realized I didn't follow him, he snuck back down to see what I was up to and found me hovering over Parker's bowl. Come on, I wasn't gonna eat it... probably.

After school M&D told me David & Margot Fair were coming over for dinner and some playing. I was on pins and needles (figuratively of course) and waited by the door until they got there.

I know D&M have a lot of the same toys I have but they seemed to like the ones that were new to them.
I think they really liked my Sesame Street buddies since they're as big as we are. Though I was a little confused as to why Cookie Monster's voice suddenly sounded different just because the Fairs were over. Maybe he's just shy and was nervous meeting new people. Yeah, that's probably what it was.
M&D are trying to teach me to share but I'm not really into it. I didn't want to share my toys with the boys at Halloween and I'm even not keen on sharing my toys with Parker & Penny. But I think one reason M&D invited D&M over was to help me learn to share. I still need some more practice but at least this time I didn't have a melt down like at Halloween. I did however tell David, "No" when he was playing with my blocks. He was kind enough to move on to something else but Dad didn't seem too pleased with the interaction.
I think I liked playing over at their house where THEY have to share THEIR toys rather than over here where I have share MY toys. Hello sharing loophole!!

Side Note: KSU started its season with an exhibition win over Newman (Hellloooo, Newman.) KSU is ranked #3 which is kind of scary...

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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