Monday, January 3, 2011

The White Elephant in the Room

I want to start with some items from the beginning of December that I forgot to post. The first is a pic of me playing with Dad. I'm the one not looking at the camera.

Next is a video from the beginning of December that I forgot to tell you about. Mom and I were over at Grandma & Grandpa Herbert's and GmaH was helping me count some Russian nesting dolls. I was a bit distracted though because G&G H just put up their Christmas tree and it was pretty awesome.
See a larger version at YouTube

Okay, back to the... more recent past? On December 18th, Mom, Dad and I attended the Ludlow's Ugly Sweater/White Elephant party. We struggled to find a truly ugly sweater for me so we settled for a Christmas sweater at the very least. We actually found the sweater in the boy's department because apparently girls can't wear moose on their shirts.

I don't get to see a lot of cats so these two had me fascinated. I was all, "eeow, eeow" but they snubbed me. What's that about?

I don't remember what this little girl's name is but she's a few years older than me and seemed pretty awesome. She found some of Maddie's books and we did some parallel reading. It was pretty sweet.

Before Maddie went to bed we did some chatting. You know, the usual girl stuff:
"I like your bib"
"Oh, thanks. Are those jammies new?"
"What, these old things? Hey, are you doing something different with your hair?"
"No, not really, there's just a little more of it!"
Then we both give a courtesy laugh.

During the White Elephant gift exchange, I sat with some of the cool girls. Also, I was trying to see if that Shake Weight was worth snagging when it was my turn, only to find out that I didn't technically GET a turn. Blurg!

After realizing that I didn't get a WE gift, I decided to go do some explorin'. And just like always, Dad showed up just when things were getting fun and ruined it.

I'll wrap up the 18th with a pic of the Ugly Sweater winner or loser holding what has to be the best or worst WE gift. I'm not sure how the ranking for these things are supposed to work. I hope you're not reading this just before bed...

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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  1. I'm glad you were able to make the party. I can't wait to have real play time with you when I finally learn to walk.


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