Sunday, February 20, 2011

Paradise City

When I got home from school on Thursday the 10th, Mom let me open the Valentine my buddy Logan gave me. It was some candy (which has mysteriously gone missing) and a picture of Logan. I love pictures and while those of me tend to be my favorites, this one was pretty awesome. I carried it around most of the day and it's currently resting on my dresser for safe keeping.

Friday the 11th began like most others but after getting ready, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport came to pick up M&D and me and we headed to the airport... for our trip to FLORIDA!
I didn't fine the airport itself all that entertaining but the plane ride was pretty awesome. I got to sit in the row with GmaD, M&D but I spent about 90% of my time with GmaD.
As I got progressively more squirmy, M&D broke out more and more items to entertain me.
First with the DVD player, then Aunt Darcy's iPad so I could see pics of myself and then the coup de grace was the pink iPod from the other day.
Oh, and to help my ears during the landing, Mom let me drink from her big water bottle. I even got a little IN my mouth.

I haven't been to Florida since before I was even ONE so I didn't remember a whole lot but I remembered Great Grandma Davenport (videos and a Thanksgiving visit helped there) and Mom and GmaD showed me around to help jog my memory.
For dinner we stayed in and were joined by Great Uncles Dale and Dick. After dinner, GUDale and I played great game of "Gotcha!"
Followed by the first of many piano sessions over the next few days.

Saturday the 12th was a busy day. While we waited for everyone to get ready for breakfast, AD, GpaD and I browsed through some pictures of ourselves (okay, mostly me again.)
For breakfast we hit up the Olympia Flame diner... because who can resist greek breakfast? They couldn't accommodate a table of eight so I got a little vacation from M&D and sat with GGD, G&G D.
After breakfast we headed out to do some shopping and it was a bit more fun than I could handle. I fell asleep between Nordstrom Rack and Stein Mart, slept all the way through that display of crazy and the ride home. GpaD offered to take a nap with me in the car so I wouldn't wake up. And it was a pretty sweet nap.

For dinner, we headed over to Bonefish Mac's where we met up with GUDale, GUDick, his daughter Johanna and her son Joshua.
Joshua is just about a year older than me but it was nice to have someone my age to play with.
He brought some tools to play with and he shared them with me while I shared my magna-doodle with him. Hear that Dad? SHARING!

GpaD got some sort of seafood soup, Lobster bisque maybe, and shared it with me. I think that means I've already eaten more lobster in my life than Dad has in his. YUM!

I swapped back the drill for my magna-doodle and sat down with Dad to do some drawing.
One full day down and this post already has me exhausted. I was gonna do the whole trip in one post but I figured something is better than nothing. Check back tomorrow for a bit more.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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