Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two Bridges

The 14th was Great Grandma Davenport's birthday yet once again, I was getting presents.
If you recall from yesterday's post, I got a new pair of Hello Kitty sunglasses which were just a precursor to a Hello Kitty themed Valentine's day. I got a HK purse, some HK stickers and a new outfit. The outfit wasn't HK, but that's probably out of consideration for my sisters (Woof Woof!)

Shortly after I opened presents, Grandpa Davenport declared he was going on a walk and Grandma Davenport asked if the two of us could join.
The canal behind Great Grandma Davenport's is called called the Kingfisher Waterway. Um, because, uh, Kingfishers er, founded the, um... water in it? Okay, I don't know why but the streets have names so why shouldn't the canals. Also, I think I like boats. Anyone have this weekend's winning powerball numbers?
I think the labels pretty much let you know what's going on in the pic above. In the pic below, G&G D decided to leave me IN THE ROAD to get some sweets houses in the background. It's okay, we looked both ways before we crossed the street.
Seriously, what are the winning powerball numbers. I'm beginning to get a complex about our driveway not having a gate.
When we got home from our walk, M&D were napping (on vacation?) so I hung out with the fun peeps some more. GmaD let me borrow her bracelet. Seriously, does it go perfectly with this outfit or what?!?!

While M&D were snoozing the day away, GpaD showed me why I need to go to college... to learn how much chlorine to put in pools. This guy works in 15 minute increments and is outside all day. Assuming I don't become a full blown red head, this sounds pretty decent. Or the powerball. You know, either way.

That afternoon, I hijacked GpaD's computer and stared watching some videos... of me, naturally. In the one below, GGD and I are watching the two of us during our first chat ever. Pretty fun.

For GGD's 91st birthday dinner, we had early reservations at Sea Watch.

Seriously, with the views down here.
Given how busy SW was, it's no surprise that dinner took awhile to come out but I'm like two years old and sometimes I get a little fidgety... Dad took me for a walk outside. We played on the wheelchair ramp for about 15 minutes until the future emphazema emphasema emfazema emfasema emphisema emphysema (really?) patients chased us off. Fortunately we headed out back which somehow turned out to be better than the wheelchair ramp. Who knew?
After dinner, I spent time between GpaD and AD. I spared GGD the hassle of me crawling all over her, but I was sure to stay close in case there was a key lime surplus.
AD looked like she may need help finishing her KL pie too but I chickened out at the last second. Lime pie? Hmm. I'm not sold.

When we got home, we crammed in the first Jeopardy episode where a computer squashed a few nerds and while we waited for the KSU v KU game to start, GGD opened her birthday presents.
It had been about 12 hours since I opened any gifts so I volunteered to help. On account of my experience, I'm wicked good at opening presents.

Perhaps my favorite part was seeing the signature to Great Uncle Todd's card. GUT is on the far left of this pic -- pretty good likeness, eh?

Since I wasn't allowed to play with any of GGD's new books, GmaD offered to read me Bear Snores On. Well, read may be a little generous considering she wasn't wearing her glasses. It was more like a cross between Bear Snores On Cliff's Notes and a good cover song. Not the original but still very good and I got jist of it.

I really wanted to stay up to watch the KSU game but couldn't make it. I'm sure I didn't miss anything good...

Okay, one more vaca day left then we'll get back on schedule... to being a week behind. Sweet.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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