Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Mom bought a laminator for work but found a way to make some awesome things for me. In addition to some flash cards to help me with my learnin', she laminated a few pictures so I can play with them and not risk ruining them. Sweet.

Dad had cards on Monday night so it was just us girls. While Mom was busy taking care of me, I was busy taking care of Emma Darcy. Mom set my old high chair on the floor so I could feed ED and read her a book. So nice.
This isn't the most practical chair in the world though. What I really need is one of these guys. If only there were some event coming up where it's custom for me to get gifts...

Tuesday ended up being pretty nice but when I went over to Miss Anne's in the morning, it was still pretty cold. I asked Dad if I could wear the hat Aunt Patty made me. That's right, MADE. Totally cute right?

For dinner, M&D and I headed over to Ruby Tuesday. And as luck would have it, we ran into Aunt Darcy and Grandpa Davenport. Well, it seemed crazy for us to sit in separate booths so we consolidated. Is that a coincidence or what? (hint: it's the latter)

When the hostess saw that Dad was taking pictures (above) she offered to take one so Dad could be in it too. That was totally nice but for some reason she stood at the far end of the restaurant (slight exaggeration) so you (older readers) can barely make out who's who.
Don't worry though, I broke out my magic marker to help out a bit. See if this version isn't a little more defined.

After dinner we headed over to Border's so Mom could pick up a copy of Inside Weddings because she's featured in a section by stylist Anya Sarre highlighting "Hollywood's hottest wedding trends." Sweet right? Also, sweet? This wire bead maze.

Today was pretty chill. I saw Penny sleeping peacefully in my chair... so I decided to go say hi. She loves when I give her hugs, probably, even if she did bolt shortly after this pic was taken. Whatever, she probably just wanted to go get some water or something.

A little later, I went upstairs to help Dad with some laundry but ED was being fussy. I sat her down and tried to reason with her but you parents can probably guess how that went. Kids! Am I right or what?

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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