Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fashion Police

Oh yikes, all of a sudden I'm more than a week behind so let's see how much I can bust through.

The 19th was pretty chill. In the morning, I dragged Dad upstairs to play in my room. I decided to play dress up but I never have to get dressed by myself and it's a lot harder than M&D make it look.
Every time I'd raise my leg to put my skirt on, I'd also raise the arm holding the skirt. IT'S HARD! Eventually Dad took pity on me though and helped me get my skirt on and even helped me with the sweater I picked out. The result?
Hmm. Not sure where I went wrong here but this is worse than anything Dad's ever put me in and he's had some doozies.

After my nap, Mom did hook me up with a proper outfit. KSU had a basketball game that night so I donned my new purple Puma dress from Aunt Darcy (thanks again AD!)
For a snack Mom made everyone smovies, or as you may know them, smoothies. I love smovies! They're delicious, they're cold and I get to use a straw. All things awesome.

When Aunt Abby got done working that afternoon she stopped by to say hi. I was really glad Mom put my cute outfit on because I would have been totally embarrassed if AA saw how goofy I looked earlier. Of course, to that end perhaps I shouldn't be sharing it on the info super net, eh?
While AA and I were playing, Mom had us pause for a photo opp. How do you like my "smile?"

KSU's game was pretty late so I didn't get to see it (which is probably best) but I got in the mood by playing with my KSU b-ball. Hook, hook, dunk, dunk.

On Sunday the 20th I got to go to church with Grandma & Grandpa Herbert. I begged Mom to let me pick out my outfit but after Saturday's debacle, she opted not to. Instead she picked out this totally cute silver tu tu.

Before G&G H came to get me, I sat and played with the magnets I got for Christmas. They are currently my favorite toy. I'm not sure M&D are loving them so much though because I've decided I can only play with them on the floor and I always make Mom and/or Dad come play with me... on the floor.

Can you believe I was the only one at church in a tu tu? Avery - FOR THE WIN!

After church G&G H and I headed to the Kemper Art Museum for lunch. Unfortunately the restaurant was really busy and didn't have a kid's menu (where's the fable?) so we decided to have lunch at home instead. But before we did, we scoped out a bit of the scenery.
Say what you will about blue grass but I love me a good banjoist. What? Blogger didn't put one of those red squiggly lines under the word banjoist? I definitely thought I was making it up but Merriam Webster confirmed it. I'm awesome!

Giant badminton shuttlecocks - still art!

I had a lot of fun playing with G&G H on Sunday afternoon
GmaH even let me put on CHAPSTICK! Sweet! Now, everytime I see M&D put on chapstick, I want some too. It's awesome!

Do I look serious here or what?

For dinner M&D and I met Aunt Darcy, Uncle Dave, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport at Salty Iguana. That me's in the front row with the tu tu - just to be clear.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,


  1. Avery - your tutu ROCKS - not cheesy like some I've seen. Have your mom tell my mom where you got it. Miss you. Let's play soon.
    P.S. David says hi, too.

  2. You look like a crazy Kung Fu Ninja in the first pic! Love the action shot.


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