Monday, March 14, 2011

Hog Hog

On Saturday Mom, Dad and I headed to First Watch Shoppes at Corporate Woods for breakfast with Uncle Dave, Aunt Darcy, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport. And who did we run into? Grandma & Grandpa Herbert! What are the odds? Actually, it's probably like 1 in 3.
When I wasn't busy playing with one of my Gmas, I was doing the word jumble. Sure, I could have searched for words like 'ham' or 'toast' but I decided to search for A V E R & Y instead. I did pretty well, eh?

That afternoon we headed over to the Ludlow's to watch the Brookside St. Patrick's Day Parade. They live about a block away from the parade route which also meant a fair amount of "floats" drove by en route to... well, the parade route.

Eventually though we did head down to the corner to see what we missed....

...hmm, I don't remember seeing this one go by before. I definitely think I would have remembered this gem.... because it so captures the essence of St. Paddy? Where's the fable?

It was pretty nice out but still cool enough for coats and totally cute stocking caps.

Not sure what was going on here. I assume this is some sort of tribute to the Bushwhackers from when GmaD was a kid (aka the Civil War.) I found myself torn though because they were Confederates, which is obviously ridiculous, but they did burn down Lawrence and frankly those Jayhawkers probably had it coming.

I eventually tricked M&D into letting me out of my stroller and since I was up and about, I offered Evan my blanky. Nice right?

I don't know who this old lady is but she was watching from a distance and the next thing I knew, she was sitting on a police chopper. I called next but she pretty much just camped out there until the end of the parade. Boo.

What exactly is the criteria to get in this parade? I guess if you're wearing green...?

I did like this one though. It's like a parade dragon but instead it's a dachshund for the Humane Society.

I got irritated waiting for that old lady to give up her seat so I asked Mom if we could go for a walk and she agreed. We practiced balance beam for like 10 minutes. Sweet.

Since the parade chewed through my prime nap time, I took a little snoozer on the way home and was rested just enough to play with my sisters for a few hours before heading to bed. Great Day!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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  1. Avery - we can't wait to see you tonight! Margot thinks you are so smart and wants to learn how to find her name in the word searches.
    Love, David


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