Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hok Kog Dog

Holy cow, I am exhausted. I have had an awesome three days and it's about all I could do to upload all the great pics. Teaser: Below may be the best "4-UP" this blog has ever seen! Ah ah ah, no skipping ahead...

On Friday morning, Dad dropped me off at Miss Anne's. Surprised right? So was Miss Anne. Apparently Dad thought it was Thursday and was so convinced that he didn't believe MA and actually checked his phone. Yikes, rough week Dad?

After I finally got over to Grandma Herbert's, we did a little playing then headed over to see the McCombs and their baby Annabelle (not sure on the spelling here but since Mom's middle name has an elle and my middle name has an elle, we'll go that route.)
Annabelle is a dachshund so she's built a little different than my sisters but she was just as much fun.
Miss Ginny is getting over a bum foot and while I'm sure that stinks, it some how comes with this awesome skate board/scooter thing. Seriously, I WANT THAT!
I had a ton of fun playing with Annabelle and MG. In fact, they even brought some toys out for me to play with. I liked this interactive alpha-bus so much that MG let GmaH borrow it so I could play with it any time I'm at G&G H's. Sweet.

For dinner I stayed with G&G H and M&D joined us some homemade soup. YUM!

Mom has been working with me on smiling for the camera and she actually caught me doing it once with Dad.
Then she tried to get GmaH in on the action but I wasn't so sure...

Mom did get a good one of me on the couch with G&G H though... then again... again... again.
As you know, I'm pretty good at getting peeps to sit on the stairs but this was a new one, even for me. I rule!

Well, I was planning on covering the whole weekend but my battery is about to die.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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