Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mini is In

Wednesday the 16th marked the first of three days with Grandma Davenport. She came over to pick me up but I was still worn out from my days with Grandma Herbert and was sleeping late. That's okay, it was pretty fun to wake up to GmaD's smile.

After GmaD got me ready, we took a short trip over to Target. I feel like I'm at Target so much that when I walk in, everyone should stop what they're doing and chant, "AVERY!" a la Norm entering Cheers.
Our next stop was to go pick up GmaD's buddy Teri and the three of us headed off to The Legends. We hit up a few of my staples there, most notably the Carter's store. I talked GmaD into buying me an outfit, some jammies, new sunglasses and a T-shirt for St. Paddy's (sorry GpaD.) After the Legends we hit up Zona Rosa - that's right, this was a serious shopping trip folks. While up there, we had lunch at Tomfooleries. You have to appreciate anyplace that brings food out in a mini Radio Flyer. Anything miniature is pretty much awesome.

After we dropped off Teri, GmaD and I stopped by Price Chopper for some sundries.
I perused the book section (at this grocery store) and stumbled across Jake Logan's Slocum and the Terrors of White Pine County. This is the 384th book in the Slocum series (not kidding) but this was the one released in January and I was looking for Slocum and the Lady Detective which was released in Feb. Also, be on the lookout for Slocum's Reward, Slocum and the Ghost of Adam Weyland, Slocum and the Bandit Cucaracha, Slocum and the Big Timber Belles, Slocum and the Cow Camp Killers; to be released one a month over the next five. This guy's contract must be BRUTAL!

As we wondered around PC, we stumbled across this Zoo Buddies folding chair. I did a little test run at the store -- I'll take it!
Once we got back to G&G D's we sat out on the deck to enjoy the weather and wait for Mom to come pick me up. I passed the time with a box of Goldfish crackers; am I my father's daughter or what?

For dinner M&D and I headed over to the Fair's for a play date with David & Margot
I hadn't seen D&M in like four months so I was pretty stoked about playing with them again.
They told me all about their awesome trip down to Mexico. It sounded pretty bueno! Also, I totally love this mini slide (again, things that are mini...)
We almost ate outside but it cooled down just enough for Dad to pull the plug. Hey, I wore a sweater, not my fault if Dad came unprepared.
After dinner D&M got ready for bed and I crashed the party to see what books they have.

I definitely recognized a few of my favorites but found some other great ones too. I even talked Mom into reading one to Margot and me. Thanks Mom!

Well, it was an exhausting day and I fell asleep on the way home from the D&M's but it was well worth it.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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