Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shot Shy

On the Seventh, Dad and I had dinner with Grandma & Grandpa Davenport at Houlihan's on 95th St. If you've ever eaten there, you may be familiar with the dome near the front entrance. It's kind of pretty but it funnels sound like you wouldn't believe. We could hear every word being spoken at adjacent tables but one table was full of a little girl's birthday party. Whoa, was that annoying. PLEASE let me know if I ever get like that - PLEASE!

Mom picked me up early on the 8th which in my experience is rarely a good thing and that Friday was no different. We met Dad at the doctor's office for my two year check up. Unfortunately I do NOT like doctor's office. I think I started crying before the nurse even asked M&D a question. The mere thought of getting weighed or measured was apparently enough to send me into an atomic meltdown. And when Dr. Shanker came in? Whoa buddy. Let me tell you, he did NOT need that stethiscope stethascope stethescope stethoscope (doh, gave up too early) to figure out my lungs were good.
DS did bring a book and after he gave M&D a thumbs up on keeping me alive for two years Mom was able to calm me down, at least a little bit.... until the nurse came back in with NEEDLES! Mom was trying to comfort me but we she saw what I had to feel, even she was freaked out.
The only good news was that to cover my shot the nurse gave me a "sticker" for my leg. Sweet. Not worth it, but totally sweet.

Here are the deets: 33 Inches, 27 lbs.
As per usual they sent us home with a little sheet that highlights "Development." A few items of note -

  • "Growth is approximately 50% of adult height" so it sounds like I'll be 5'6" - cool, cool. 
  • "Build tower of 6 blocks" Check - in JANUARY
  • "String Beads" Check - in JANUARY
  • "50 Vocabulary Words" Check - stopped keeping track months ago at ONE HUNDRED
When we got home, Mom had some work to do so Dad and took my basketball goal outside for the first time. It was awesome but chasing down Dad's shot outside is a LOT more work than it was inside. I'm guessing his ball didn't make it's way under the chairs after a MADE shot, eh?
I guess I shouldn't throw stones though, I took a dozen or "shots" from the stoop and this one was as good as any.
More under-furniture rebounding?
Just before we went inside a fire truck and ambulance showed up, sirens whaling and lights flashing, in the cul-de-sac behind us. I have no idea what was up because I could barely see but when I was on Dad's shoulders, I was able to see the "biiiig trucks."
Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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