Monday, May 9, 2011

In Remembrance

On the 15th, Grandpa Herbert, Mom and I drove to Beloit to meet up with Grandma Herbert who was already up there visiting.
The three of us stopped at the Cracker Barrel for brunch on the way which I understand is somewhat of a tradition. I'm not really sure how this checkers/golf tee game works but it was kind of fun. Definitely kept me busy until the grits came. Um, what? What's a grit? No, that's not a thing CB. Stop trying to make grits happen.

As I'm prone to do, I had tons of fun chatting and playing with Great Grandma Chapman and Great Aunt Janice.

It was also kind of fun to spend the night at the hotel with G&G H. I didn't actually get to sleep with G&G H but I managed to wake up early so we could still snuggle.

Hotel bath was not the coolest. I mean, I have about 45 toys in my tub at home (not exaggerating) but this tub had none. Where's the fable?? I did kind of like getting all wrapped up in towels though. It's no Cookie Monster towel, but it DID make me feel like a big kid.

I'll wrap up this post by saying a final goodbye to GGC. She passed away on May 3rd at the age of 94. I'm really going to miss GGC but I consider myself lucky to have known her and I take solace knowing that she lived a long, happy life and that she was surrounded by loved ones when she passed. I'll miss you GGC.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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