Wednesday, August 31, 2011

All I Do Is Eat

On the morning of 8/21, Mom, Dad & I joined Aunt Darcy, Uncle Dave, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport for breakfast at 119th Street Grill. They had gotten there quite a bit earlier and were actually through eating by the time we got there but they didn't mind keeping us company while we waited. It had seven hours since I'd seen AD&UD and G&G D so I asked if we could have dinner with them as well. As is turns out, they were all down with the idea and we decided Minsky's sounded pretty good. But rather than eat within a stone's throw of Green Apple, we dined instead at G&G Ds. I thought this was a pretty sweet idea since GmaD has amassed a small a treasure trove of toys and I got to play right up 'til dinner and immediately after. Sweet.

The next day was to be my last Summer Monday with Grandpa Herbert. It's a good thing too because despite feeling okay, I had acquired a runny nose and a fever.To aid my convalescence, we ate lunch in but I decided to make it a working lunch and made a few calls while enjoying my soup and salad. All work and no play make me dull though so GmaH and I were able to squeeze in a little play too. Okay, maybe more than a little.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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