Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to Talk to Little Girls

July 30th was Maddie Ludlow's 1st birthday and as luck would have it, she had a little get together to celebrate. Maddie is a total cutie and I can't wait until she gets a little older so we can do some serious playing. You know what though, Maddie is probably more than just a cutie but the first thing society seems to notice about, and mention to little girls relates to their appearance. Mom forwarded me a blog that referenced an excellent article on HuffPo (and yes, I kind of want to stab myself for calling it that.) I hope you all read it but here's an excerpt from Lisa Bloom's article:
Nearly half of all three- to six-year-old girls worry about being fat. 15 to 18 percent of girls under 12 now wear mascara, eyeliner and lipstick regularly; eating disorders are up and self-esteem is down; and 25 percent of young American women would rather win America's Next Top Model than the Nobel Peace Prize. Even bright, successful college women say they'd rather be hot than smart.

Teaching girls that their appearance is the first thing you notice tells them that looks are more important than anything. As our cultural imperative for girls to be hot 24/7 has become the new normal, American women have become increasingly unhappy. What's missing? A life of meaning, a life of ideas and reading books and being valued for our thoughts and accomplishments.

Okay, I'm off my soap box now but I hope you'll all think about that article the next time you see a little girl, present company included.

Maddie's party was a lot of fun. After this photo opp with the "official cake" Maddie was given her own cake to go to town on.
I don't think Maddie was down with it though. One touch of the cake and she pretty much burst into tears. This camera angle doesn't cut it but it was pretty funny/sad/cute/.
I'll tell ya, it sure did take me back.

After the rest of us enjoyed some cake, we headed inside so Maddie could open presents. You'd think it would be hard for me not to jump in and rip her toys open but PopPopBob and GrandmaToi had a box full of toys already open and ready to be played with... so I did!

Happy Birthday Mad Dog!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone. Until Later, Avery

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