Monday, September 19, 2011

Bar None

The Fourth of September was JAMMED with fun.
We tried to go to Le Peep for breakfast but the wait was too long so we headed up the street toward First Watch... but stopped short at Einstein Bagel instead. I got a cinnamon sugar number with cream cheese. It was delicious... though perhaps not the cleanest option ever.

After an early nap we headed over to my buddy Amelia's for her First Birthday party. And how cool is this? It's a Goldfish cracker bar! Everyone loves Cheddar and Rainbow is my favorite but Pizza was pretty good too and then I found CUPCAKE GOLDFISH! YUM!
Amelia got to enjoy her cake outside and once her Dad (shirt had to be edited) showed her how delicious it was, Amelia was all about it.

We had to bounce a little early from from party one to head to party two - a BBQ at Aunt Darcy & Uncle Dave's.
By buddy Eli came with his parents (and his new little brother/sister. T minus a month or so!!)
Riley and I watched Eli play in the grass for a bit and decided that it looked like fun so I asked Grandpa Davenport if we could play too.
Eli and played this awesome game where you run for a bit... then fall into the grass. It was pretty awesome.
Oh, there was also a KU basketball which I rather enjoyed watching Eli kick around; the perfect fate for any KU basketball.
At some point AD saw how much fun we were having running around and decided to join us. Dad saw how much fun we were having too and yet, no running. Odd.

After dinner Eli was nice enough to share his mom with me and she read us a book. Eli is pretty cool people and I hear his Dad is priming him to be a pro golfer. I mean, we wouldn't be the first Pro Golfer / Pro Tennis Player couple...

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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  1. Don't worry Avery, once K-State is playing in the Mountain West conference I will let you cheer for the Huskers with me.


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