Wednesday, October 12, 2011

PicSay Pro

Grandma Davenport came to pick me up on the 24th so Mom & Dad could go play with Maddie's M&D. It may look like I'm sad here but I was just giving GmaD a big hug!

On Sunday the 25th, G&G D and I met M&D, Aunt Darcy & Uncle Dave, Great Aunt Suzi and Great Uncle Dale for breakfast at First Watch Corinth Square.
After breakfast we milled around outside to say our good-byes.

Of course, before we departed Dad had to get a few pics but somehow Mom tricked him into being in the pic. Ha, take that Dad!

Then GAS wanted to take some to-go pics with her phone but I don't really "hold still" very well. Also, she let me see each pic so it was kind of in my best interest to keep her snappin' photos. I LOVE ELECTRONICS!

Did I mention there was a nice big lawn to run around on? Well there was, and I did.

Before the Final good-byes GAS&GUD and I posed for our own pic. GAS was worried that she didn't have any lipstick on but I told her I could take care of it in post-production.
Unfortunately, my Photoshop skills are not as good as my PicSay skillz. So instead of a little lipstick touch-up, I went... a different route. Check out my handy work. I made a few other touch-ups as well so see if you can spot them (hint: there's a preview of my Halloween costume!)

That evening M&D and I met G&G D for dinner at Cheddar's. GpaD was nice enough make a donation to my sidewalk chalk college fund but I wasn't real eager to give it to Dad for piggy bank deposit. Eventually I did but it's getting harder and harder so hand over my hard earner dolla' billz.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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