Thursday, October 27, 2011


I unwittingly ended the ...A Bottle of Ink post a bit early and frankly missed some fun (and odd) stuff.
For a few straight days we had been trying to play tennis with Grandma & Grandpa Herbert but GpaH had been battling a bug so we couldn't go. I think M&D felt bad though so we packed up a picnic basket (including that sweet table cloth), stopped by Jimmy Johns for some sandwiches and headed to the park so I could still play outside a bit
M&D didn't think this one through all the way though because trying to get me to eat while I'm starring at a jungle gym was pretty much impossible. So they gave up and let me go play while they finished.

Uh, wait, who was that guy in the bottom left corner of the pic above? Computer: Zoom in and enhance. This kid looked to be 18 or so and is almost definitely living in his parent's basement. And what's that in his hand? A WHIP! Shouldn't he have been at the Renaissance Festival?
Once this character started practicing, M&D decided it was going to be a necessity to get some video proof. However, rather than take the risk that Indiana saw her videoing him, she pretended to be videoing me so keep that in mind. And make sure you have your volume up.
I assume at the end of that video that you, like me, went, "Whoa." Whoa is right.

After the show ended, we got back to the business at hand - jungle gymmin'. After knocking the green slide out a few times I decided to tackle the curly slide. I was a little gun shy the first few times though so I asked Dad to hold my hand. And at the bottom of each run, I'd declare that I wanted to "do it by myself" next time. Let's see how that went.

After a couple dozen curly slides, we moved over to the swings. M&D took turns pushing and swinging until they were both sufficiently nauseous. Wimps! (Not to be confused with whips...)

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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