Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hey there, some of you may recall that I used to write a blog. Well, after my extended hiatus, I'M BACK! If you notice the numbers next to the Blog Archive on the right side of the page, you'll notice they sum up to FIVE HUNDRED (assuming you read this before I post again...) That's right, this is my 500th post and while I knew I wanted to do something special, I kind of waited until the last minute to start (SHOCK!)

If you recall from year one, I created a few videos comprised of the memorable moments of my life but stopped after just two. I've been thinking about starting up again recently but haven't due to the work involved. Well, I figured this was the perfect time to bite the bullet... and boy did it bite. In following with Murphy's Law, nothing seemed to go right.

I started by downloading all of the pictures from every post since the last video left off. Sounds like a lot of work but really wasn't despite there being OVER THREE THOUSAND! At a second a picture, that video would have been close to an hour long. You up for that? Me neither. So I started to ween the pictures down until I got to 1000 (in part by combining several pictures into a collage so look fast!) Still about 15 minutes but if you break it down over a few videos it might be alright. So that's the route I took but despite the love I have for all things Google, Picasa apparently hates me. I FINALLY got the first one to work, AID Part III. I got the second one to work as well but YouTube must hate me as well because they removed the background music since technically I don't own the copyright to The Kinks Photo [UPDATE: Picture] Book. Ugh.

So I had to pick another song which has always been one of the most difficult parts about doing this and when I settled on another one, Picasa wouldn't work again. This is where you envision me staring up at the sky, shaking my fists and yelling, "PICASSAAAAAAAA!" Yet, for some reason the song that worked for Part III was accepted by Picasa so... I used the same song for Part IV and Part V. Just pretend it's an Iron Butterfly song...

Also, I think the only reason this song wasn't muted by YouTube is because SME, the owner/administrator of the copyright said it's okay if they can sell advertising in my montage. So, if an ad comes up, you can just click it off and enjoy. Below are the fruits of my labor, beginning with the first two from back in the day just so you get the full effect.

I haven't paid my last bounty yet due to a dispute over the validity of Mom's verbal answer, which took place prior to Aunt Patty's comment answer. The former was first but the latter was the correct medium so I'm stuck. NEW GAME: A dollar to anyone that tell me how much money I got for my piggy bank across these five videos. GO MENTAL MATHLETES!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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  1. Do you mean the Kinks song Picture Book? I think that's the legit song name.


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