Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Big Game(s)

Whoa, three posts over the weekend? I may just catch up yet!
On Sunday the 5th I woke up a little early so Dad thought we may have time to squeeze in breakfast with Aunt Darcy, Uncle Dave, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport for breakfast at First Watch Shoppes at Corporate Woods. I say squeeze me in because I also had plans to go to church with Grandma & Grandpa Herbert that morning.
Dad got me to G&G H's in plenty of time and church was pretty sweet, especially because I got to play the organ with David Diebold at the end.

That evening G&G D came over to watch the Superbowl (don't tell anyone that I don't have expressed written consent of the NFL or it's players' association) and GmaD brought over a new floor puzzle for us to do.
And by us, I mean her because this is probably the only piece I actually helped with. Hey, I was awfully busy dancing around and watching SB commercials, you know?
I knew it was in good hands though and I was right; GmaD totally crushed it!

The next night M&D decided to try making crescent roll pizza rollups. I think they were more fun to make than they were to eat. Not bad, but for my money (and it's never my money) I'd prefer actual pizza... or even plain crescent rolls. Or you know what, maybe some of those pigs in a blanket where you wrap a little smokey up in crescent roll or... uh oh, I've gotten a bit off track. I shouldn't have tried writing this while I'm hungry.

After dinner Dad and I played some Strawberry Shortcake Memory. I gave Dad six cards to play with and kept 66 for myself. Then I saw Dad standing his cards up in the carpet and got very interested in sharing my 66 cards with him and he helped me stand my guys up too. May not be the classic way to play SSM but it was pretty cool.

On Tuesday the 7th, Dad and I met Aunt Darcy and GpaD for dinner at Ruby Tuesday and afterwards we headed to Olathe East to visit GmaD and watch the Hawks play basketball.
OE was trying to raise some money for Breast Cancer Awareness so everything was decked out in pink. There was a KSU game that night as well so Dad combined the two events and dressed me in my pink KSU jersey. PERFECT!
As you can see, there were several pink balloons and despite there being a basketball game, bleachers to climb on and cheerleaders to watch, I was obsessed with those balloons. I told GmaD I might like one and even though they were just for display, GmaD hooked me up.
Then came the collateral damage. There was a family of little girls sitting near us and when the littlest one (maybe 18 months) saw that I had a balloon, she decided she REALLY wanted one too. GmaD and I were nice enough to share with her (see said balloon in the background)
Even though I was nice enough to share with that other little girl, that didn't squelch my desire for a balloon of my own. So GmaD stole another one for me and to make sure I didn't lose it, she tied it to my wrist. And wouldn't you know it, before we left we saw that Pink Balloon #1 was up in the rafters of the gym. Ugh, kids are so irresponsible!

Great Aunt Nancy was at the game too and GpaD I went to say hi during halftime. And when the game was over I asked if we could go over to say goodbye too. That's a lot of pink!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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