Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Holy Mackerel

Monday the 13th was a big Monday, and it was also Big Monday on ESPN starring KU at KSU. Guess who picked out my outfit?

Mom & Dad went fishing with Aunt Darcy & Uncle Dave which left us land lovers to fend for ourselves. Since no trip to Florida would be complete without a trip to the beach, Great Grandma Davenport, Grandma Davenport and I hit the beach to feel the sand between our toes.

While I was starring out over the water, here's what was happening out on the water.

UD caught a dolphin (not flipper of course) and AD caught a mackerel... and some seaweed.

Since they caught some fish, there were some lazy seafowl chasing them down for a free meal. You can imagine how pleased AD was!

I guess they saw a lot of crazy big ships but this blue one is dubbed Cakewalk. Their fishing deckhand said its owner is the owner of the Cheesecake Factory but I doubt that's the case since I couldn't find any proof of that anywhere. What did I discover? As of 2010 the Cakewalk was the longest (281') yacht built in America since the 1930s and has an Inboard Tender. That means it has a GARAGE wherein you'll find ANOTHER BOAT. I'm not talking a little rescue dingy, I'm talking about a 37' that can do 50 knots... whatever that means. Also, I think you can rent charter it for about $1Million a week. If you want to spend some time feeling poor, click on the 'inboard tender' link and roll through the pics. Pretty impressive/sad. Cakewalk is listed for sale on boatinternational.com by Burgess. I'm guessing you can get it for less than the original $80M price tag... which is nice.

For dinner we all went to Bonefish Mac's and as luck would have it, they have a face painter/balloon artist there every Monday. Was it my lucky day or what?
I did NOT get my face painted (you're shocked right?) but M&D did let me get some butterflies on my arm.
She also made me a balloon butterfly complete with an attached stick so I could fly it around.
I'm pretty sure our neighbors at the table behind us were SUPER THRILLED with said butterfly stick.

When we got back to GGD's we watch the KU v KSU basketball game. That's all I have to say about that.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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  1. Avery - we need to get our dresses together for a fun time!


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