Tuesday, June 5, 2012


May 12th was a BUSY day.
Dad and I had breakfast with Grandma & Grandpa Davenport and were all set to go to tumbling but bailed at the last minute. We were headed to Wichita that afternoon and Dad decided we had too much to do to spend time having fun. Boo!

Eventually we got all packed and loaded into the car for 'ta town and... it was pretty brutal. There is NOTHING to do in the car. I did finally fall asleep someplace around Emporia but only got about an hours worth of sleep and let's be honest, car sleep is not real sound anyway. Just before we got to our hotel we stopped by a grocery store for some snacks and then headed up to our room. It was pretty awesome! I was VERY excited to get to spend the night with M&D since that's been a no-no since day one. But first, Miss Sarah's Wedding!
The church was beautiful and facing West which lit up the stained glass perfectly. Between that and the flowers and the sweet organ, it was definitely my scene.

Next was the reception and I'll be honest, we got off to a rocky start. I was STARVING and wasn't a huge fan of the apps and began to get a little cranky. Actually I was outright MAD until finally Grandma & Grandpa Herbert got there and I got some goldfish in my belly. After that, all was well!

Cute family pic eh? Though I thought this one had a bit more personality.

After dinner they opened up the dance floor but since it was pretty jammed, we headed to an open area near the band. It turned out to be PERFECT for me and popular since a few other like minded individuals joined.
There are a lot of pics and vids some I'm just gonna let you peruse. Enjoy!

Wait, whose blog is this...?

Several more kids came to dance with me but none were nearly as entertaining as the flower girl. She was a lot of fun and spent a LOT of time on the ground, especially considering how cute her dress was. I say "was" because it had to be ruined after that night we had. Poor dress!

When the dance floor did clear out a bit, M&D let me venture over and that's when I got to dance with Ms Sarah. I spent a fair amount of time in awe of her dress but each time I snapped out of it and got my groove on. I'm a wicked a good dancer.

M&D finally pulled the plug around 11:30 (an hour or so after G&G H left!) When we got back to the hotel room I was pretty excited. I HAD MY OWN BIG GIRL BED! Eventually I was able to fall asleep but it was definitely Sunday before I did!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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