Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Voice

With my little sister using pictures before I have a chance to (admittedly my own fault) I find the need to differentiate my blog now. So we're gonna try something new. With a little help from Dad, I've narrated this post so rather than read about what happened, you can listen to what happened in my own words - literally!

For those of you that get this blog via email, there's a YouTube "video" below but I've included the link as well. Click play and scroll the pics as I tell you what happened. Hope you enjoy!

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Dad: Okay, so this is Avery's first audio blog. We're gonna roll through all the pictures okay? Who do you - what do you see in this picture Avery?
Avery: Um...
D: What are you doing down here?
A: Coloring.
D: And what are you guy - what are you guys watching on the TV?
A: A football game.
D: Do you know who's playing?
A: No.
D: Does this look like K-State?
A: Yeah.
D: Can you - can you re - can you read that number next to K-State?
A: No.
D: Does it look like five six?
A: Yeah
D: Fifty Six? And what is this Jayhawk number, one six?
A: Yeah.
D: Yikes, no wonder you weren't having to pay attention.

D: And who do you see in this picture? Who's this?
A: Pop-Pop.
D: And who's this?
A: Penny.
D: And who's this?
A: Cooper.
D: And who's this?
A: Parker.
D: And who's this?
A: Riley.
D: That's fun huh?

D: This was on October 6th and now who's sitting with Pop-Pop?
A: Avery.
D: Of course, you guys looked really snuggled.

D: Do you remember where this is?
A: Lego Land.
D: Wow, that looks really cool.

D: Who's in this picture?
A: Avery with one of the Lego guys.
D: Do we know what this Lego guy is doing? Is he playing tennis or is he playing a banjo?
A: Tennis.
D: Yeah, I think it might be tennis too. That looks pretty fun.

D: Ooh, who are you standing next to in this picture?
A: A giraffe.
D: That giraffe is very big - it's twice as tall as you are.
D: Oh, well this is a fun little - who's that little guy?
A: A doggy.
D: A lego doggy? Do you think Parker and Penny would like him?
A: Yeah.
D: And what does this guy do? Is he selling movie tickets?
A: Maybe.
D: And he's made out of legos? That's pretty cool.
D: And what is this guy?
A: I don't know.
D: Is he a wizard?
A: Yeah.
D: Do you think so?
A: Yeah.
D: Is this like a magic wand he's holding on to?
A: Yeah.
D: Alacazam.

D: And where are you guys - are you guys outside now? Are you standing in front of the fountain?
A: Yeah.
D: Who are you with?
A: Pop-Pop.
D: Did you guys have fun that day?
A: Yeah.

D: Oooh, are you riding a bike here?
A: No, it's - it's not real.
D: Oh it's not a real bike?
A: Well...
D: Is it a lego bike?
A: No its -
D: These are - these are pretty big guys next to you - are they made out of legos?
A: Yeah.
D: That looks pretty cool.

D: And where are you here?
A: The train, um, station.
D: Good, did they deliver your food on a - on a train?
A: Yeah.
D: wow, that is pretty cool.
A: They - they don't give you your food.
D: They - the waiter doesn't bring your food?
A: No.
D: How do you get it?
A: A train gives you it in a box.
D: In this box over here? That's cool. Is that called Fritz's...maybe.
A: Yeah.

D: Okay, what are you doing here?
A: Painting.
D: Oh, look at all of those colors. And who - who's watching you paint?
A: Daddy and Mae.
D: Daddy and Mae, that's really fun honey.
A: I'm taking me shoes off.
D: okay, thanks for the update.

D: Um, do you remember this day? When we went and, on, uh, October 10th when we celebrated Mom and Dad's Anniversary? Do you remember playing this game on this chalkboard?
A: No.
D: Where we drew stuff and you had to guess? Do you remember that?
A: No.

D: What are you - WHat are you and momma doing in this picture?
A: Make a fishhhh face.
D: Fish face. That's pretty silly.

D: Now who's this?
A: Mommy and Daddy.
D: And who is in the next picture right here.
A: Mommy and Daddy when they got married.
D: Awe, that's fun huh?
A: Yeah.
D: Do you know how long ago that was?
A: No.
D: That was in 2005, that was 7 years ago.
A: That was long.
D: That was a long time ago.

D: And who's this?
A: Scott.
D: And who's this?
A: Abby.
D: And can you see what's on Scott's - on Scott's shirt?
A: Nooooooo...
D: Yeah, I don't see what it is either!
A: Daddy, um...

D: Okay, um, now who do you see here?
A: Mommy, Daddy and Avery.
D: That's right, do you know where we are?
A: No.
D: I think we're at Red Robin. And who did we go with?
A: Maddie.
D: Yeah, Maddie and Maddie's Dad and Maddie's Mom. That was fun, huh?
A: They're all standing.

D: Yeah, and what did you do to Maddie here?
A: Gave her a hug.
D: Yeah, That looks like a nice hug.

D: Where are - do you know where you are here?
A: Noooooo...
D: You don't know where you are?
D: Of course Grandma's. And what - can you see what you're playing with? Looks like you're drawing. I can't see what you're drawing though - do you remember what you drew? Oh, it looks like you were drawing some pricesses.
A: No.
D: Look at this, on the bottom down here are some bows.
A: No.
D: What about this thing back here, does that let you draw princess? Trace princesses?
A: I don't know.

D: And what are you and Grandma doing now?
A: Washing dishes.
D: Do you help grandma do dishes a lot?
A: Yeah.
D: Yeah.
A: Stooooop.
D: You want me to stop? Okay well that was a good blog - that was a first try. Do you want to listen to it now?
A: Yeah.
D: Okay.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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