Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Double Feature

After watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang a few weeks back, Dad bought the soundtrack for us (read: me) and lets me pick the songs that play. It's win win for me because I get to listen to the songs I want AND play with Dad's tablet. Sweet!

On the morning of the 21st, Dad, Mae and I got up to do a little playing before church. Mae showed some interest in her bouncy chair so I decided it looked like fun too. Dad checked to see if there was a weight limit on the chair anywhere but there wasn't so I crammed myself into it. They may not print a weight limit but I'm pretty much it!

That evening we went to celebrate Uncle Tim's engagement to Miss Caitlin - YEA!
As things wound down (for us at least) I was playing with Aunt Darcy when Grandpa Davenport came over to make a donation to my piggy bank. I think some natural reflex of AD's must have taken over because when GpaD held out the money, AD's hand naturally went for it as well! It's not bad enough that I have a new sister to compete with but this is ridiculous!

On Monday the 22nd we joined Grandma & Grandpa Herbert for a special moive night at Theater in the Park. It was for Surewest customers and they had a bunch of activities for kids - like this giant bounce house!

After dinner Dad took me to get ice cream just before the show started. I don't know if she remembers my curly hair or the $2 dollar bills I always use but the lady in the white that mans the booth is always on the lookout for me and she's super nice. I'm sure she was bummed that we didn't make it out for Damn Yankees. I'm kind of bummed too because I start T-Ball in the fall which would have made it topical for me!

We've been to a few of these movie nights before and they're usually pretty tame but this one was fairly busy. I guess when you drop the price to $0 per person from the normal $1, you get all sorts...

Despite the crowd, Toy Story was great!

The next day we were back outside for my swim lessons.
The picture above is of me negotiating with my coach rather than jumping in as she asked.
And my negotiations worked because she came back into the shallow water which is all I asked... Until the next time!

From swim lessons we went directly to the regular Tuesday feature - Finding Nemo! The crowd was much closer to my liking and we got up nice and close this time. Great times!
Until Later,

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