Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Birthday 'Merica

On the 3rd, Dad took Mae and Me with him to Sam's Club for some last minute party essentials. If you're thinking, "Sam's club the day before a holiday - you're crazy" well, then you were spot on. It was crazy though only slightly crazier than your average weekend visit to Sam's. Doesn't bother me though, they still had the sample carts up and running which is all I care about. My fave of the day? PECAN PIE - YUM!

We had 40 or so peeps over to the house to celebrate the nation's 237th birthday. I was especially excited to show Cousin Jamie my bounce house while Mom & Dad were excited to have an excuse to use the new firepit. S'mores are pretty delicious!

At dusk more than half of our crowd headed across the street to watch the Corporate Woods fireworks. It was another great show - close enough to see and hear but not too close for those big bangs!

As if the fourth wasn't already a whole week's worth of fun, on the fifth we went to Theater in the Park with Cousin Jamie, Uncle Charlie, Aunt Abby, Grandma & Grandpa Herbert to see Peter Pan.
Peter and the Darling kids all flew too which is pretty impressive in my opinion. The rest of the show was... interesting... but we had a blast.

On Sunday I went to Church with Cousin Jamie, G&G H and there was a picnic/ice cream social. It was a blast but totally exhausting. When I got home Dad flipped on the TV to watch some sports but without cable, he settled for Ken Burns Statue of Liberty documentary on PBS. Dad seemed pretty interested but it wasn't long before the week's activities caught up with me and I snoozed with Penny for a few hours. Sweet, guess I can cross my July nap off my to-do list!

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