Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Call Shotgun

We go to target about 8 times a week and now that Mae is old enough to sit up well, I pretty much insist that we get one of these fun co-pilot carts.  Also, Mae isn't too picky on which side she gets so... I pretty much get to pick my side every time!  Oh, and pay no attention to the bottom left box on the warning label.  That "Not Intended for Infants" is meant for other infants.  I'm sure Mae is fine...

On the Ninth we went to movie night at Theater in the Park to watch... wait for it... CHITTY CHITTY BANG  BANG!!!  This is my FAVORITE movie and I was very excited to watch it with Mom & Dad - I kept leaping out of my seat to tell them what was gonna happen next.  Dad shut it down after about the fourth time but in his defense that was in the first 90 seconds of the movie...  As for the elephant in the room, i.e, my pink cheeks - I'm gonna blame the cell phone camera because I looked mostly normal in real life... mostly.

On the Eleventh we had dinner with Great Grandma Davenport, Great Uncle Todd, Rango, Aunt Darcy and Uncle Dave over at Grandma & Grandpa Davenports.  AND WE ALL WORE YELLOW!  Okay, not all of us but GGD and I did!  Guess the rest of those peeps didn't get the memo.

This Mr. Blurry Cam pic is of me at Tennis lessons.  I'm in the back wearing purple (naturally) and Mom and Mae are in the foreground cheering me on!
See?  What'd I tell you, more target.

Sunday the 14th was GmaD's birthday and we celebrated at Jack Stack - YUM!  For dessert we ate a cake that Grandma Herbert helped me make.  It was beautiful if I do say so myself!

On the topic of Birthdays, the 15th was Cousin Ella's third.  Happy Birthday Ella!

Until Later,

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